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 To edit the site...
 Joe's guide to eAYSO
 Joe's Guide to eAYSO
 Site Redesign Signup Sheet
 Go to and look for the "SCAYSO Site Redesign Team" spreadsheet
Site Feedback Form
Link to actual form: here, but easier to access from Site Feedback

To find the actual responses, or to sign up to get notified on feedback, go to google docs and look for "San Carlos AYSO Website Feedback"

Other Site Tips
 Task Tip
 Add a page to the dropdown menu
 You need to create a page, and separately add it to the dropdowns...

Go ahead and create a page, taking care on the "new page" dialog to "select a location"... select "Choose a location" and select INFO.    When you've created the page it will initially only be visible from the "Site Map", or if you click on the main "Info" heading you would then see your new page.

I can then add it to the dropdown for you, or if you want to try yourself then from the More -> Manage Site -> Site Layout -> Edit Horizontal Nav Content element you can then add that page to the dropdown menus.
  Edit the google calendar
  1. Log in to your google account (if you can see this page then you are)
  2. From the home page, click on the "+ Google Calendar" button in the lower-right corner of the calendar widget on the front page
  3. If you don't always want to see the AYSO event calendar in your google calendar, then just use the google UI to hide that calendar
  4. When you create an event in google calendar, select "SCAYSO Event Calendar" as the "calendar" selection.
 Edit the header
  • From any editable page, click on "more"-> "Manage Site"
  • Click "Site Layout" from left column
  • "edit horizontal nav content"
  • The resulting dialog lets you edit the the horizontal menus
    • Click in the part of the menu you want to add a reference
    • Then click the "Add a Page" link
    • Select the page you want to appear in the menu
    • Don't forget to click "Save Changes"
 Add Sponsor
  •  Visit the sponsors page in editing mode:
  • Add the sponsor to the plain list there
  • To make the sponsor show up in the "sponsorship" widget that's sprinkled throughout the site, you need to download the sponsors.js file attached to that page, edit it, and then upload the edited version back to the same page (it's version number will increment).  When editing this file know that you are actually editing a javascript file, so syntax is very important.
    • Make sure that the sponsorship coordinators know you are editing the file - you don't want 2 people editing at the same time!
    • Add the name of the business to the sponsorArray list using the EXACT same format as the others.  The name needs to be surrounded by double quotes (") and each such name needs to be separated by commas (,).  Names cannot include " characters.
    • If the business has a URL that they would like us to link to, then add a sponsorURL line to the bottom similar to the ones already there.
    • If the business has an image they'd like us to display instead of simple text, then add a sponsorImage line.
    • Sponsor images need to be no bigger than 190 x 95.   If sponsor image needs to be hosted with us, simply add it as an attachment to the same page.  To then find the URL of the attached image, use your browser to "copy link location" of the "down arrow" next to the uploaded sponsor image, and use that URL.  NOTE: discover the URL of the image while you are viewing the PUBLIC copy of the sponsor page
    • After uploading the file, visit the homepage and hit refresh a few times to make sure that you haven't broken anything.
    • If there's a problem and you ant to go back... you can download old versions of the file by clicking on the "version" link that appears when you are in the "editing" version of that page.  That will show you a list of old versions... download the one that last worked and then re-load it as the latest.
    • Each time the widget is shown a random sponsor in the sponsorArray will be chosen.  If there's a sponsor that should appear a bit more frequently, then just list them multiple times.
    • If you want to test to make sure a newly added sponsor is showing up cleanly, list them first in that list and this check them out via the "test" version of the sponsor widget below.
 Test a sponsor's layout     
 The box below is wired to render always the very first sponsor in the sponsorArray list:

San Carlos AYSO Sponsor Credit Gadget - TEST VERSION

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