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General Rules for SCAYSO Participants

: Always supervise the movement, installation, and take-down of the goals to avoid injuries and damage. Never let anyone climb or do pull-ups on the crossbars. Never allow the large goals to slam to the ground. If goals need to be carried for any reason, it is best if four or more adults move the full-size goals. Start with the crossbar on the ground and then lift and move the goals. Metal goal stakes OR sandbags must be installed during all games and practices. Keep the Field Equipment box lid down whenever possible and keep the box locked during games. If the fields are OPEN, we play in wet and rainy weather unless there is thunder/lightning, the field is dangerous to players or the field is likely to be damaged [use common sense - if the field will be damaged due to soccer play - DO NOT PRACTICE OR PLAY A GAME - even if the Field has not been officially closed.

City Policies: Never allow balls to be kicked against fences, violate City "closed field" signs, or place goals in the game position during practices.
  See "Field Use" Policy for more details.

Nets: While the crossbar is still on the ground center the net and then attach it to the crossbar. Place the goal in the upright position, pull the net around the back (outside) of the goal, first secure the clips/Velcro at the bottom front corners of the goal, and then attach the clips/Velcro to the posts and then the base of the goal while pulling any slack in the net towards the back of the goal. Center the goal an equal distance (six yards on large fields) from the edge of the goal area lines and place the goal so that the REAR of the post is even with the BACK of the goal line. Make sure the metal stakes are through the holes in the base of the goal and that the plastic net stakes are put in place. Never remove Velcro that is attached to the NETS. Take the net off in the reverse order. Put the equipment bucket and ladder away as soon as the goals/nets have been installed. Push the locks inward to lock the boxes. At the start of the season some of the nets will be left attached to the goals with plastic ties at Burton Park and possibly other fields. Leave the nets on these goals unless advised otherwise.

Equipment: Parents/coaches that have the FIRST game of the day must start setting up the goals and flags 30 minutes before the first game. Parents/coaches that have the LAST game of the day  Field equipment [flags, sandbags, stakes] will be found in the AYSO Field Box #1.  Any game may be shortened by the referee so that the next team can start on time. Both teams are responsible for setting up and taking down the equipment, but if you are playing an out of town team you might have to do everything. Show good sportsmanship by helping with these duties when playing in other cities. Flags at the corners are mandatory. Flags at midfield are optional, but help the players and referees with offside. The midfield flags are placed one yard off of the field. If there is more than an one hour break between games the flags need to be locked up. Do not use corner flags as goals or training tools during practice. Coaches are responsible for game day field, goal, net, etc. repairs.

General: Both teams must check for litter after EACH game and it would be greatly appreciated if the parents from the last game of each day make a special effort to ensure that the area is litter free. Please do not violate Park or School rules.  Volunteers lining the field have priority during your practice. The paint is usually dry in about a minute.

Contact numbers: City Field Hotline: 650-594-2626. AYSO recording: 650-595-0642. Police/Fire from cell phone: 650-592-2222. If your field needs equipment or attention please contact the San Carlos AYSO Field Director.