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Heather Elementary School

Parking: There is plenty of parking in the main school parking lot.  DO NOT PARK in the VERY small parking lot located next to the field - this is the MAIN WALKWAY to the field and is very dangerous for the kids when cars are moving in and out.

Home Team: U8 - Sits on the NORTHWEST [School] side of the fields.
                     U10 - Sits on NORTH [baseball diamond] side of field

U8 Field Designation:  There are 3 U8 fields numbered 1, 2, and 3.  U8 Fields #1 and #2 are located INSIDE the U10 field - where Field #1 is closest to the baseball diamond and Field # 3 is located near the back fence.

  • Goals are all stored along the WEST chain link fence. Reference MAP BELOW on this page
  • Sandbags are to be placed on the base crossbar.  Sandbags located in 2 sandbag boxes as noted on MAP BELOW
  • Corner Flags in a box near the goal storage and shed.  SEE MAP BELOW

Map to Heather

Google Map

Field and Equipment Storage Maps