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Equipment Recycling

San Carlos AYSO Soccer Gear Recycling Drive

Putting our used gear to use

When: During AYSO Fall Registration, April 30, 6 to 9 pm, and May 3, 10 am to 2 pm


Where: San Carlos Youth Center, Burton Park


What: New and used soccer gear – cleats, shin guards, socks, shorts, jerseys, balls.

Why: To share with those in need, in our community and elsewhere.


How: Just bring your gear to the Fall Registration, follow the signs to the Recycling Area.  You can         drop gear off, exchange cleats and/or shin guards for a different size, or just make a donation for 

those in need of gear.


Who: The Recycling Program is being run by the San Carlos AYOS Cultural Exchange Program, with         

a goal of helping those in need of soccer gear.


Those interested can send a request to by email to San Carlos AYSO to receive cleats and shin guards 

for their children for the fall 2014 season.  Send an email to popeyerfc@gmail.com and specify cleat                 

size(s) and the approximate size/weight of your child.  They will be provided free of charge. 



Unclaimed gear will be boxed and sent to underserved soccer-playing children around the world, care of San Carlos AYSO.



Please contact James Ritchie at 650 995-3312 or popeyerfc@gmail.com with any questions.