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Team Share Sites

San Carlos AYSO takes advantage of a national AYSO partnership with Shutterfly to help teams share information, share pictures and make their own choices on what kinds of mementos to print from their seasons.

Before the season starts, San Carlos AYSO arranges for team roster names and emails to populate a Shutterfly Share Site.  The coach will get an email allowing him or her to activate that site.  If something interferes with that process, or if the team is eager to start anyone can start a share site.  All they need to do is go directly to to enter team player names and emails, or coordinate families to access the site.

Family Information in Shutterfly

Our program with Shutterfly only shares player names, parent names, and email addresses with Shutterfly in order to populate the sites.   It would be technically possible for eAYSO to share all contact information with Shutterfly, but since our and National AYSO's policy is to protect your families data, it was decided by AYSO to only pass the names and emails to those sites.

It is up to each team and each family to decide how much information to put into Shutterfly in order to facilitate phone trees or practice ride sharing.   You can find Shutterfly's privacy policy here.


Shutterfly also offers the ability to manage a team calendar showing practices, games, and other events.  San Carlos AYSO will provide each team with an electronic means to populate that calendar with its team schedule and communicate the schedule through Shutterfly, but different teams can make their own choices.   A central division calendar is also available from this site to complement whatever each team decides to do.