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Pacific Coast Spring Soccer League (aka AYSO Spring League) Information
The PCSSL Game Rules and Referee Guidelines for 2015 can be downloaded below. Here are some important points:
  • All PCSSL games will be played on SUNDAYS, from March 8, 2015 to May 17, 2015.
  • No Pass, No Play and No Exceptions.
  • Teams are on one side and all spectators on the opposite side during play.
  • U10 to U14 substitutions are quarterly as is typical for AYSO.
  • U16 & U19 free substitution - Free substitution opportunities (not mandatory) - Unlimited subs by either team at half, after goal, any injury, any goal kick, cards. Unlimited subs by team in possession - Own throw ins and own corner kicks. If team with possession subs, opponent may also sub. All subs must be ready and waiting at the halfway line and subs must not enter the field until the referee tells them to do so.
  • Dismissal players and coaches cards with detail reports must be sent to Drew Van Horne, 1201 St. Joseph Ave, Los Altos, CA 94024 and then email a send-off/ejection report to Drew Van Horne ( and Uttam Saha( on the same day. 

San Carlos AYSO Region 107 Championship and Knickerbocker-Masters Tournament Tie Game Procedures: While regular season matches can end in a tie, many of our tournament matches require a winner to be declared. San Carlos AYSO has established guidelines for breaking a tie that differ from the standard procedure outlined in the Laws of the Game. Be sure to review these modifications before taking a match that requires a winner.  A prepared referee will print these and bring them to the field to share with the coaches in case any questions arise.  Download the file below.

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