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Referee FAQs

Q: If I can only referee a single match every weekend, then is it worth it?

A: Absolutely!  If all our trained referees volunteered to be a part of at least one game every weekend, then we wouldn't have enough slots to go around.  That's a problem we'd love to have.

Q: Can I referee my own child's games?

A: Yes. There is no rule prohibiting a referee from refereeing their own child’s game. In fact, it can be a challenge to recruit referees and its impossible for us to cover officiating needs without using referees who are affiliated with the teams. In some situations when there is a shortage of referees, having a parent officiate their own child’s game may be the only option. We recommend that you sign up as an Assistant Referee for your own child's game.  If no Referee is available, then you should take over as Referee and recruit a parent to act as a Linesman. Of course, if your child's team is playing in the City Championship match, you'll probably want to watch instead of refereeing.

Q: What do I do with the match reports (game cards)?

A: Match reports are an easy way to communicate with the referee administration team and the board. We review the reports every weekend and if there are any issues, we do our best to take appropriate action.

If you have any issues (both good and bad), please note them on the card so that we can take the appropriate action.  Some examples of things to note:

  • Field issues (paint lines, torn nets, etc.)
  • Coach or parent issues (language, behaviour)
  • Failure to follow substitution regulations
  • Injuries - please note name of player, time, and nature of injury
  • Cautions and Send-Offs

At the end of each match, hand your completed match reports to the Referee of the following match. The last referee on the field each day should drop the stack of completed cards at the home of our Referee Administrator, Aaron Cheatham, located at 1792 Walnut Street (corner of Eaton and Walnut)

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